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Alexi Hamilton alexih at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 18 02:37:38 EST 2005

     Amen, sister, amen.  Good to see you're still lurking around here 
though.   DAMN fine idea about the new list elsewhere....hmmm...seems almost 
too good to be true.  Anyway, great to hear from you!


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That's all fine and good, but Andy hasn't wanted to
have to police the bullies.

Basically, we'll all have to eventually leave The
Gathering to the ill-intentioned and start another one
elsewhere!  (laughs)

That's why I've lurked without commenting for ages,
but I'm about fed up with the multiple personalities
of certified idiots.


> Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 13:50:55 EST
> From: Devacor at aol.com
> Subject: [kj] etiquette
> To: gathering at misera.net
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> ipat writed:
> yeah whaterever.
> lifes too short to waste on the  negativity around
> here so im off.
> Those in the know please feel free to  contact me
> about anything that
> will interest me.
> thanks for the  goodtime
> On other lists Im on, there are general rules of
> conduct. If someone is
> really being an a-hole on an ongoing basis the
> moderater bans them. I think it
> would be hard to come up with "rules and regs" for
> this list but maybe a way to
> give people warnings when the are really being out
> of line and then banning
> them  when its too much. It does work but then also
> the person can just sign up
> under  another name. If your vigilant enough you
> just keep blocking them
> though.
>  Hate to think along those lines but its just a
> shame when good people  here
> are getting fed up and leaving. That shouldn't
> happen
> adam

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