[kj] On my new album wish list:

Alex Smith vassifer at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 17 18:09:21 EST 2005

Good idea, this....

On my new album wish list:

- Less metal/more chime in Geordie's guitar (I know, I know...it's the Burmans fault or whatever.)
- No more lizard vocals

Alex in NYC

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Sure wish I could add more! Alas, I can't. But yours truly is one man 
reserving more vacation days (and hope?) than he should for a taste of 
the 12. U.S./5 Canada dates that Raven mentioned on the radio a few 
weeks back.

On my new album wish list:
- a little less chug and more hum from Geordie
- a little more storming dancability to the beat ala BYOH (or Change or 
- some deeper journeys into lyrical content and style, such as the 
iambic lines of Darkness Before Dawn
- a drummer (and three other band members, together) who's in on the 
process at an early stage!

Mind you these, are wishes, not complaints, as I'm quite a fan of the 
last album. But can't blame a man for dreaming, can ya?

woody2shooz wrote:

> so, Killing Joke are doing the Muttley Crew dates in UK, The Hague on 
> 26th June, Cheltenham 4th(?) June
> Precursor to further events? Still on the Reading rumour list. Anyone 
> care to add more?
> and what of the new album. Should be a stormer by all accounts
> graham
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