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To be honest, I think it's quite unworkable. Andy knows how much of a
derogatory effect
Pete is having on the list & has had a word about stuff in the past, to no
avail. We don't
really want a bunch of rules & regs so I guess the best thing to do is...


It usually works - mine are less than 5 years old though...

Seriously, if he don't get the attention he needs, who knows what lengths
he'll go to.
Hopefully he'll just FUQ OFF :)

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    ipat writed:
    yeah whaterever.
    lifes too short to waste on the negativity around here so im off.
    Those in the know please feel free to contact me about anything that
    will interest me.
    thanks for the goodtime

  On other lists Im on, there are general rules of conduct. If someone is
really being an a-hole on an ongoing basis the moderater bans them. I think
it would be hard to come up with "rules and regs" for this list but maybe a
way to give people warnings when the are really being out of line and then
banning them when its too much. It does work but then also the person can
just sign up under another name. If your vigilant enough you just keep
blocking them though.
   Hate to think along those lines but its just a shame when good people
here are getting fed up and leaving. That shouldn't happen
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