[kj] Alex(Noi Yoik)

jo jo at arcadia.karoo.co.uk
Mon Mar 14 19:27:49 EST 2005

>   Sorry to trouble you,But I was just wondering if you ever go past Times
> Square,As I was looking at a webcam of the place.
>   Is it possible that you can tell me when you will be going past here
> next,And I ll keep an eye out for you.
>  Cheers
> PW
> PS(Sade1 Are you near any of these webcams?)

We have one in Hull City Centre and on the Humber Bridge I'd've gone and
given you a wave but I've just looked their latest images and the last time
the pics were updated was Jan 28th and May something or other last year
respectively.  Perhaps when the weather brightens up I'll give it a go eh?


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