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I also provided him with one of his best selling titles.
  I really cant understand why you would nt like to see Mik prosper.What
have you got against Mik doing well?If he was making money at my expense and
cutting my profits then i could understand it.
    Personally,I would like to see all my friends or acquaintances doing
well(All three of them:-) (Or is it the English way to begrudge successful
   Or maybe you are happy being part of one big family without a pot to piss
in,And whoever starts doing well for themselves must be stopped?
     That 30 second clip from "Thats life" is freely  available from Ades
site (Cheers Ade ;-)
   So why do people begrudge other people raking it in?


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> Don't forget that Mik was provided with at least some of his collection
> free by people like me, who simply welcomed the opportunity for the widest
> possible number of people to see what we had. So I don't think it would
> been right for him to have made serious money out of it.
> Personally, I would not have given up such material to anybody who I
> was going to make serious money out of it, but I didn't begrudge Mik the
> paltry round sum of £5 for the cost of the raw materials (don't forget
> things like cartridge ink), the postage and packing and the not
> inconsiderable time spent. He provided a service and a labour of love.
> However, I would be rather pissed off now, if, for instance, something of
> which I once possessed the only copy in the world outside the BBC (i.e.
> on That's Life) now gets incorporated into somebody's money making
> Si
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> >
> >That just proves what a spineless snivelling little shit that you are.
> >     All you are worried about is Mik NOT making  money.As Mik was nt
> >taking money out of KJs pot and was helping to publicise the band and
> >the fans a favour,Then I hoped he would of been making big money.I really
> >would of liked to of seen Mik sale loads of his wares and become
> >rich,instead of the paltery figure he was selling.And all you seem to be
> >worried about is Mik NOT earning money.
> >
> >
> >2-0..............................you prick.
> >
> >
> >
> >Geordie Wanker <spud.u.hate at gmail.com> wrote:
> >i agree with rob. £5 is not cost. sell a few hundred bootlegs (and
> >with so many on his site and the entire www as your marketplace that's
> >not out of the question) and you could make over a grand.
> >
> >i can understand mik being a bit cheesed off (if he is cheesed off, i
> >don't know since i haven't talked to him about it) because he got
> >mixed signals from the band. "anything you want, just ask" they told
> >him. and the official site linked to him (and still does!). then all
> >of a sudden he's told to stop. i'd be annoyed if that were me.
> >
> >if he HAD been trading at cost and the band were a bit more consistent
> >perhaps a better solution could have been arrived at. it is a shame
> >that fans don't have access to these gigs and promo videos anymore.
> >
> >concerning the mel thing. i must apolgise to ade. i honestly, honestly
> >thought it was that dunce westy. but it seems not so it looks like
> >i've made a twat of myself with my first post coming back so no change
> >there then. PW can notch that up as 1-0 to him.
> >
> >get well soon jester joe.
> >
> >sir paul of rangecroft
> >(told you i was mad)
> >
> >On Fri, 11 Mar 2005 08:43:43 -0800 (PST), Rob's Arse wrote:
> > >
> > > Ade dear, you may misunderstand me.
> > >
> > > I'm not against Mik selling his stuff but my point is that, if you're
> >going
> > > to stop someone doing soemthing, then replace it with something
> >I'm
> > > just offering a little more detail into the reason why he was asked to
> >stop.
> > >
> > > And at £5 dvd, you can make money. I buy blank DVDs for 26p. cases for
> >10p,
> > > jiffy bags for 12p and postage would be 50p. At £5 a pop, Mik would
> > > actually be making more money than the band would likely get on an
> >official
> > > release!
> > >
> > > The fact that KJ keep missing business opportunties no longer
> >me!
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