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PREACH IT BROTHER!!  I feel the power and the glory!

fluwdot at earthlink.net wrote:kiss and metallica have set a particulary bad light on the rock 
orchestra mix. but the content of music these two bands are as 
vacuous as any music ever attemted. their music is the simple sugar 
filled carbohydrates of the music world. the most common of musical 

by comparison killing joke may seem - to the average sight trained 
classical musician - to be a similarly simple content but this is not 
true. maybe in comparison to more the stilted melodies of classical 
or jazz they are more melodically simple band. but the truth lies in 
the texture, background/underlying almost subliminal harmonic content 
sound that geordie coaxes from the golden beast. it would be far too 
easy and tempting for an arranger even of jaz's insight to attempt to 
fill the tremendous effect of ample weight created in the space that 
is filled be the modal noise of bpf, jaz, youth ( yet less so of 
raven) and most importantly geordie's instruments.

and in all probability kj will not fare any better. however there is 
promise in the fact that jaz, unlike lars and gene simmons, actually 
has experience in both fields and with his head not quite as deeply 
sunk in sphincter. this could lend a glimmer of hope that the roaring 
bells of horror and grace will be given context in a grandious 
classical piece. BUT ! only if the interpretation includes an 
asssortment of large exoctic drums and most importantly this melodic 
content that which is exclusive to killing joke.

specifically, all of geordie's parts must be played! this includes 
the harmonic feedback, howls, wails and reverb/chorus. these musical 
artifacts should not be disregarded as unnessecary or noisy 
distracting trace melodies.
these sounds are part of the content of the melody! they are aspects 
that shape the mood create the context and guide a listener into 
places not known and are every bit essential as the 'base' melodies 
so often exclusively exploited by orchestral arrangers for their 
interpretations. the exclusion of this essential 'noisy' harmonic 
content is why most orchestral versions of contemporary music fails 
to hit the spot. another aspect that destroys these classical 
versions are extemporary melodies added by an arranger that are 
merely the interpretors 'enhancement' which dearail the focus and 
power of the original.

if you care, i'll be more elaborate. 

classical killing joke must analyse and announce every slight 
frequency and trace element of sound content on the originals .

for example:

pandy's are coming would need to have all the dissonance and rich 
squeal and sawing cat backbone texture of a synth begging for it's 
life - as heard on the original. and these sounds must be played by 
the correct instruments for the specific frequency range of these 
"noises" in order to accomplish, or even warrant the classical 
attempt of killing joke. ten violins and flutes playing the root 
note and the secondary tone, will not suffice! 

as well, all the sounds of a dinosaur having it's guts torn through 
by geordie's harp during wilful days would need proper disembowelment 
from cello, double bass section, bassoon and trumpet - while the 
tympanies must accent every gritty howling near feedback appocalypse 
of transient attack that comes from geordie's smack of the strings

in the addition, musicians must apply more rosen to their bows than 
they ever thought was sensible - check their spinal broomsticks at 
the door and dig in as if they must hack their selves from the belly 
of a whale with nothing to hack with but their delicate twig and 
horse hair bows! 

to the simplify: the tonal texture of the orchestra must take a step 
up from convention and join the world of trace melodic content 
formerly known as "noise" and DIG IN! 

but will it happen this way ??

doubt it

besides the symphonic joke will most likely only cover the most 
mainstream accessible and blase of kj melodies like those of btats, 
otg, pandemonium, and kj2003 

kj for touring sedans

my condolences, 
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