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Fri Mar 11 09:28:17 EST 2005

I gave up on Pigface some time ago.  But I always look to see who is 
involved to see if it will pull me back.  This seems like the greatest 
mediocre lineup to date.  Maybe I am not cool (likely), maybe I am not in 
the loop (probable) and maybe I have heard most of the bands/people involved 
and they are ok at best.

I will say that if they had some decent people on board I would go.  The 
ticket situation could be a good marketing idea.


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>yes give us a uk tour with BPF, connelly & Keith levene  and we might even 
>like you Marty!
>Rob wrote:
>>' got excited there for a sec......hoping for UK dates
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>>     For those of you who are anti-Martin Atkins...please move
>>     along...nothing to see here.   For those who are interested in
>>     what Pigface is doing, please check this out:
>>          Pigface is out on tour again-and this time the ticket price has
>>     been radically lowered for this tour- essentially it is free- you
>>     get merchandise vouchers for cds and tshirts once you get into the
>>     show - and there is a TON of cool stuff to buy.  The merch table
>>     is an impressive display to be sure.
>>          Siebold from Hate Dept is on guitar, Charles Levi from Thrill 
>>     Kult is on bass - so that along with Martin on drums is enough to
>>     hook me, but there are loads of other people involved like En Esch
>>     too.  I've seen him in previous Pigface shows and he always makes
>>     a great contribution.          Sadly no, Chris Connelly is not 
>>touring due to illness, but I
>>     expect there may a Damage Manual song or two worked into the set.
>>     Oh - and if you like tattoos and such, Th'Enigma will be appearing
>>     on this tour too. So spread the word to any of your ink inclined
>>     friends.
>>     The details for tour dates and the ticket vouchers are all
>>     explained here: http://www.undergroundinc.com/freetour.html
>>     Check it out.
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