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Big time.
Definately keeping the faith!

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>Pass on our best won't you & tell elana we're routing for him? 


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Oh that's shit

Pass on our best won't you & tell elana we're routing for him?


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Ok, This is the deal....

Elana just called me and she just got back (4am her time) after admitting Joe to the hospital at 10 pm last night.   She has been trying to get him to go and Joe finally said let's go.
It seems that he has nodules inside his throat and they did an x-rays and found a   pouch on his esophagus. Which means the pouch is ruptured and when he has liquids it has been going into his lungs and not his stomach.
They are going to do a scope test I believe today or tomorrow?
She wanted me all to write you and tell you this news. Say a pray or two or three for the lad. He sure can use it.:(
If I hear anything else I will keep you informed Ladies and Gents.
Cheers, Lonely Boy


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