[kj] For fox sake...

Geordie Wanker spud.u.hate at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 05:27:49 EST 2005

... ban the Berkshire Hunt! How would you like it, Westwank, if you
were hounded and then torn to shreads. Oh, sorry - forgot, you
routinely are.

Westwank trying to impersonate me is like Rob Moss trying to emulate
Geordie's guitar playing - he just hasn't got the skill to pull it off.

I agree with Jamie, it's strange how people look completely different
from the mental image one builds up from their posts. Who, for
example, would have thought that Mel would turn out not only to be the
exact spit of Westwank, but also a dead-ringer for Benny from
'Crossroads'? (I've been out of the loop for a while now so as I'm a
bit confused could someone please let me know if we're still
pretending not to know Mel is Westwank so the idiot thinks he's got us
all fooled?)

You all look a bit older and uglier (with one notable exception who
shines with a brilliance brighter than a thousand suns). Anyone who
doesn't know what Mark Phillips looks like, think 'Gollum' only with
glasses and more anaemic (sorry, Mark).

So... £46 for a shite warm-up gig and a half-decent performance. They
was drawn towards the hmm... KILLING JOKE, they're laughing all the
way to the morgue!

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