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Cheers for that, j. The business of royalties, et al, has always been
somewhat confusing to me. Now I get the idea behind publishing - probably
why Mik Raven was asked to stop selling bootleg vids, etc.



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None of the band probably get any royalties from their first ten years of
record sales. Any royalties earned are used to pay back advances, recording
and marketing costs before the band sees a penny. KJ's royalty rate, in
aggregate, is probably no more than 10% of the price the dealer pays for the
record and I doubt they've recouped what was spent on Outside the Gate, let
alone the previous six albums.

I'm pretty sure, however, that they've recouped their publishing deal with
E'G hence they should all be getting royalties from performances, cover
versions, etc.

I don't suppose they'll ever see a penny from Jaz Summers, though.

Any questions?
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> bpfSo... Mike has morals enough to pay C4B royalties to BPF, but is it the
> case
> that BPF gets no other royalties? For all those groundbreaking albums he
> played on & that sound he helped create?
> Smacks of a lesson learnt from Atkins!!!
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>   "As for Wardance, I'm sure Big Paul is still getting royalties...:
>   No he isn't.
>   oh yes he is...
>   from malicious damage records for chaos for breakfast which has two
> versions of wardance on it
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