[kj] KJ promo vids bittorrent

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Thu Mar 10 04:03:12 EST 2005

Nos so bad quality for some of them but Adoration/Sanity/Pandemonium are very poor...
The only one i was happy to find is that file was America ...
Is someone's got the following videos I'm very interested to know how to get them :

Let's All Go (to the fire dances)
Kings & Queens
Inside The Termite Mound
Pandemonium UK & US

I've got the others in good quality and i would be very happy if i could get the complete video collection in mpeg or avi...



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  One for all you broadband users who use torrents.


  a bunch of KJ promo vid mpegs.

  no idea about quality (apart from the Termite Mound vid - which was bad quality) but each video is about 40mb or more which is usual for music videos.

  at the moment only one guy is seeding this download but i'll mine uploading which will keep the speed up for a bit also.

  full list - 

        1985 - Eighties.mpg 38.46 M   
        1985 - Love Like Blood.mpg 44.42 M   
        1986 - Adorations.mpg 41.02 M   
        1986 - Sanity.mpg 40.39 M   
        1988 - America.mpg 35.66 M   
        1991 - Inside The Termite Mound.mpg 71.81 M   
        1991 - Money Is Not Our God.mpg 40.01 M   
        1994 - Millennium.mpg 38.44 M   
        1994 - Pandemonium.mpg 30.39 M   
        1996 - Democracy.mpg 37.27 M   
        2003 - Loose Cannon.mpg 40.36 M   
        2003 - Seeing Red.mpg 36.93 M   

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