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I dunno - maybe I'm being a bit harsh. Sell-outs normally happen 'cos
someone needs to get food on the table & no amount of music snobbery will
help that situation. Like the initial Pistols reformation. Maybe it was a
BIG offer.

Who knows, but Sharon & Ozzy should be ashamed.. hang your heads you cvnts..

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yes indeed, its sad when your heroes sell out

ade wrote:

> Nothing wrong with FNM. Gotta say, my respect for Bordin has suddenly
> vanished.
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>     A few of you reckoned he might be suitable for KJ despite having
>     played with the utterly pathetic Faith No More- read this and
>     think again... just another one of Sharon Osbourne's goons
>     http://www.hellridemusic.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5870
>     I'd love to see Sharon try to deal with Jaz
>     luv from
>     Stimro
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