[kj] Please update!

Javier Garcia jagargal at lycos.com
Tue Mar 8 13:30:58 EST 2005

Hi there, I've been working like a slave for the last two weeks and 
wasn't able to check my mails... I missed all the messages from 
february 27th to march 4th (my inbox was full) so please, if you 
posted some pics of those great gigs share your joy and send me the 
I was pretty sad as I was very, very close to make it to London but 
some circumstances out of myu control mixed with bad organization 
from my part didn't allowed me to make it, so i guess i'll have to 
make it when they tour the US... i must!!!

Any update about Jester situation?.. the CD?

Now, share those pics you lucky guys!!!

mexico city
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