[kj] fightstar

bluce ree bluceree2003 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Mar 8 09:15:54 EST 2005

I saw their video.  I thought that it was as un-hardcore as a 'hardcore' band could possibly be.  The video was laughable (especially that balding little prick) and Charlie's voice and lyrics lacked talent, conviction and passion.
At least Busted were upfront about sucking corporate cock.  I hope Fightstar get the dropping they deserve.

Tinsoldier645527 at aol.com wrote:
i never thought id say this,but fightstar are pretty good,despite who the vocalist/guitarist is.they sound nothing at all like busted,which is good

Look at the controller,Nazi,with a social degree,
Middle-class hero,rapist,with your eyes on me.
You pay some masturbation,the Priest cheers for the nuns you fuck!

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