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I thought he looked like one of the Thunderbirds!

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With his hat on at the gig he looked like Jude Law! I couldnt help
laughing, until i saw Greame Rowlands clenched teeth after

On Mon, 07 Mar 2005 17:31:58 +0000, god botherer <acroastic at hotmail.com>
> Had quite a lucid dream about Geordie the other night. He had released a
> solo album - instrumental, semi-acoustic - some orchestration, I think -
> parts of it were revelatory - like nothing ever heard before.
> In the dream I read a review which eulogised euphorically. Pieces were
> to be performed at various places, including a kite festival, Turned out
> Geordie was a big kite fan. Don't suppose there's any truth in that in
> life.
> He was also now sporting a quite luxuriant wig which recalled the glory
> had been his real hair 25 years ago. In the dream he had a pet name for
> syrup, but I can't recall that detail.
> If not a hairpiece there should certainly be a solo album in real life.
> sometimes suspects that Geordie is just a little bit too lazy. While he's
> it he could get his amps sorted out too.
> One very nice bloke and a hugely talented individual. I hope he gets to
> leave a fitting legacy in his own right.
> Si
> Si
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