[kj] deaf & bruised

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Brian.Can you confirm that?

"Me,Brian was with me"

Thank-You Cristophe,That was very revealing.It may of been only five words
,But I managed to get a whole pages worth of information from it.
  I Remember when I was still at school,And when I got home, my mum would
say to me "Did you go to School today",If i went Id say"Yes we had maths in
the morning which was difficult we are learning about algebra ect ect ,Then
we had P.E ,It was freezing we could only wear shorts and a vest ect
ect.English in the afternoon ect ect...........
    But if I never went Id speak to my mate before I got home to collaborate
our story,.Then when I got home my mum would say "Did you go to school
today?"And I would say

"Yes,Ask Brian if you dont believe me"


  Yes,Brian was with me

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> > Just out of curiosity,Has anyone ever met B.leat?
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