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"One  thing I noticed was that the kids who were bringing chains"

That's  nothing,Im England we bring in the whole bike.

whoa..now that's hardcore. 
reminds me of a story that happened last weekend. I was taking my  housemates 
rotweiliers for a walk. I was on my bike. They are good dogs but have  it out 
for each other esp when their is something competitive going on (like  
chasing a ball)- well anyway at one point the dogs started fighting hardcore. I  
didn't want to get in the middle as I have heard the stories of people getting  
in the middle of rot and pit bull fights. So I took my whole bike and just  
starting bashing both of them over the head with it. Im sure it was a great  
scene from the road. Bashed and bashed and they didn't even flinch. finally one  
of them just got tired. I bloodied ones head though. 
 So as you can see- watch out for me in the pit. 
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