[kj] If you could choose KJ's drummer...

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Fri Mar 4 04:00:32 EST 2005

[oops ­ this errored, apologies if it arrives twice]
Aleph? - I'll third it!
The drumming on the F-Space stuff I've heard is heeeeuge.
I am muchly looking forward to Smartyr.
Hopefully, when it's finally released my pension will be sufficient to cover
it =;¬)

As for drummers, I was always impressed by that guy from Ride ­ listen to he
drumming on OX4, it¹s brilliant.
Or that guy from Can.
I¹ve always thought Œrock¹ drummers were wrong for KJ ­ I¹d be looking
BPF was [struggles to explain...] Œfunky-tribal-disco¹ if that makes sense?
Wasn¹t it Geordie who said ³we¹re a groove band & don¹t you forget it¹?
Listen to Butcher ­ it¹s got that insanely simple, twisted
with-underlying-menace tribal rhythm & disco hi- hats(!) Genius!
Grohl, IMHO has been the best stand in so far. He¹s certainly been the most
imaginative and had the most flair, which is what KJ have lacked since BPF
Atkins, love him or hate him, when he¹s on form is an amazing drummer- his
playing on Extremities was fantastic - but he¹s ultimately wrong for KJ.
I view Extremities and an exorcism album.

Thing is, no matter who they get in KJ will never be whole without BPF.
That magickal union will never be the same until the Œcircle¹ is complete

Sorry if this has been covered, but where¹s Ben from...?

On 4/3/05 3:51 am, "Alex Smith" wrote:

> I'll second Aleph. For a start, he's a fan (the man boasts a Malicious Damage
> tattoo, for cryin' out loud). Secondly, he can drum like a motherfucker. I saw
> him batter the tubs a few months back with F-Space, and he is a rhythmic
> juggernaut. Thirdly, let's face it...he really looks the part.

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