[kj] If you could choose KJ's drummer...

Alex Smith vassifer at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 3 22:51:55 EST 2005

I'll second Aleph. For a start, he's a fan (the man boasts a Malicious Damage tattoo, for cryin' out loud). Secondly, he can drum like a motherfucker. I saw him batter the tubs a few months back with F-Space, and he is a rhythmic juggernaut. Thirdly, let's face it...he really looks the part.

Alex iN NYC

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In light of the current state of things:  1)  I'd give Aleph a crack at it - he can play (serious!).  2)  Chris Vrenna - 'Our Last Goodbye' was good, but imagining him involved with a full-scale KJ production would be awesome.

circuit bender <circuit_bender at yahoo.com> wrote:
Who would it be?
I'll give three who I think could do the job:
Big Paul - ;]
Budgie - looks dodgy but knows his shit..
Dave barb - the antz.

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