[kj] If you could choose KJ's drummer...

Alex Smith vassifer at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 3 16:26:21 EST 2005

1. BPF, of course.
2. I thought Ted Parsons was an inspired choice, personally. 
3.  I used to think Philthy Animal Taylor of Motorhead could get the job done, but he might lack the finesse for some of the material.

Alex in NYC

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Personally I'd love to see Mike Bordin bashing the skins with the Joke. Obviously BPF would be a dream come true, but if I had to pick a drummer who hadn't worked with them yet, it would have to be Bordin.

circuit bender <circuit_bender at yahoo.com> wrote:
Who would it be?
I'll give three who I think could do the job:
Big Paul - ;]
Budgie - looks dodgy but knows his shit..
Dave barb - the antz.

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