[kj] London Evening Standard review

sade1 saulomar1 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 3 13:19:58 EST 2005

  Aww, damn I missed it. I'm sure someone took pictures. :)

--- nicholas fitzpatrick <gasw30 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Apparently KJ did a gig in Shepherds Bush recently. Anyway,
> the Evening Standard reviewed it.

> >>>>Copyright 2005 Associated Newspapers Ltd.
> The Evening Standard (London)
> HEADLINE: Anthems for the Armageddon
> WHEN Killing Joke surfaced 26 years ago, it was far from clear
> whether they 
> were yobs masquerading as intelligentsia or vice versa.
> Crystal clear was their simmering menace, 

...  ...  ...  ...  ...  ...  
As the masters rot on walls
And the angels eat their grapes
I watched picasso 
visit the planet of the apes

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