[kj] Thursday Communion drumming

Neil Perry neilfperry at btinternet.com
Wed Mar 2 14:36:33 EST 2005

That was me in one of my various rants

I can't say more than that there was something wrong
with it - he was slightly off the rhythm or something,
or perhaps the band were out of time with him... yeah
I know this is all a bit vague now but at the time I
remember thinking c'mon pal, you can't fuck that up
it's easy... (easy for a non-drummer to say)

 --- Jiri <unspeakable at sbcglobal.net> wrote: 
> Going through e-mail and remember a few comments on
> the drumming, forgot from who...but one in
> particular
> about the new guy not having the hang of Communion
> on
> Thursday. Anyone have more specifics? Communion
> seems
> like a somewhat simple drum track to do, but
> certainly
> one that would hurt the song if not done properly.
> How
> was he messing it up? Could first-night, big-gig
> atmosphere  adrenaline have gotten the best of him?
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