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was talking to a punter in the goldhawk on thursday who was suitably
impressed with the turn out. i said he should check the empire out.
"nah mate, i'm only in me 30's".
needless to say, i got mi coat !

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Hello all,

This is my first posting to the gathering, so be easy on me ;)

I must start by stating that I'm not a big KJ fan, but my wife is (hello
Chris!) and as a result I have had a fair bit of exposure to the music.
There are some songs I like, and I can appreciate the influence of KJ on
bands that I do like. Also, there are some songs (and at least one album)
that I don't like. I have seen them before a couple of times back in the
mid 90s and enjoyed it, but couldn't make the 2003 gigs due to work.
However, Mrs S persuaded me to stump up the readies for a weekend in London
for the anniversary shows?.

Started off with a couple of pints of murky cider in the Goldhawk tavern.
We didn't talk to anyone in there, but we were stood near the bar looking
to see if we recognized anyone from the various posted photos and trying to
rembember faces to put names to when the photos of the evening appeared ;)

Left at 7:45ish and had a wander down to the Empire to gawp at Alex.
Remember being vaguely disappointed that hes middle aged (last and only
photo I saw of him was probably 20 years old!). After another couple of
pints and deciding that dub is among the great under-rated musical genres,
Alex went off and KJ appeared.

By this time I was really up for it, and for the first couple of songs I
was dancing along with the best of them. But then it all went downhill. I
don't know if its because we were stood less than 6 foot from the speaker
stack to stage right, but the sound was atrocious. Apart from Asteroid and
Requiem, I didn't recognize another song ? mainly because every one sounded
exactly the same. I have never heard the sound so bad at a gig before and I
have never been so bored at a gig before.

Ended up having an argument with Mrs S when I stated that I really wasn't
impressed with it ;(

This left me really not looking forward to Friday night, and if it had been
in Leeds/Sheffield or somewhere else close to home, I wouldn't have gone.
But the weekend was already paid for, and after a family day in London and
meeting up with one of the wifes old friends (Susan) I was suitably cheered
up ;)

Started off again in the Goldhawk tavern; again we didn't talk to anyone
and neither of my companions recognized anyone from back in the day, but I
did recognize some people from the night before?

Wandered down to the Empire at 7:45ish again and found a space by the side
of the bar to the left of the stage near the side steps. The view this
night wasn't as good, but the sound was considerably better. I actually
enjoyed tonight and thought it was a significantly better gig ? even though
the birthday cake was very cheesy (and seeing as the first song was written
in 79, a little too late!).

In conclusion, Thursday night was more of a poor warm-up gig for the main
event, but Friday was good. If I had just been to Thursday, I would not be
going back to another KJ gig, but Friday just about pulled it back enough
to contemplate doing the return drive down to Cheltenham (depending on when
it is), and we'll probably be somewhere on the next tour.

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