[kj] Shepherds Show on Friday

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Thanks Kevin - That was me with the orange hair, so I'll take that as a compliment!! I think?

I dunno about dishing it out though - I see it more as defending myself a little space to have a bop... 


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I usually don't chime in much on this mailing list,
but I had a great time at the SBE show on Friday. 
Thanks to David W. from the UK for getting me the
tickets.  Thanks to everyone on the list with bus and
travel suggestions.

Sorry I couldn't meet anyone as it was mine and my
lady's first time out of the US and there was so much
we wanted to do in only 3 days.  It was off to the
countryside early that next morning.  

It was difficult for this blue-collar worker to make
such a trip, but London was great.  I have more of a
respect for you Londoners - everyone was willing and

The lady with the orange hair, if you are on here, you
are one lady who could dish it out on the floor like
any other guy - awesome!  Reminds me of the hardcore
shows I've gone to.

PS Thanks to the gent who gave my lady back my hat.  

Kevin Marion

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