[KJ] (OT) Jester Fund - donation and more chances to win!!!

Mark G Holt akillingjoker at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Mar 1 18:40:01 EST 2005

ade and all
thanks for your work
i've just stuffed in $15 from me suzy and derry 8, mattie 10,  and evie12 ,  its my birthday soon, and well,  jester
as you  said to me when i took on a rather green jouno for slagging the joke a while ago
"we love you mate and you rock"
the money was the money for deserts for my birhtday meal
we all agreed it would be better spent, even the kids understand the bond between gatherers, and derry and evie are learning the ways.....
and i'll add a burn of any kj live boot i have for a fiver offlist if they email me proof of donation....ade -  can you help me here???
cheers all
and 44 soon
old dirty bastard

ade <ade at the-lab.zetnet.co.uk> wrote:
Hi all,

OK, the list is finished, postage costs are there, all prices are there &
there's even
a link to pay Jester directly via PayPal. We've even sold some CD's!!!

Have a look:


Happy spending :)


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