[KJ] Weekender ...better late than never!

dub kIlLiNgJoKe at pUnKaSs.CoM
Tue Mar 1 16:17:40 EST 2005

Sorry if this comes in 4 at a time, but tried sending it a few times earlier
and did not even make the digest, so here goes 4th time lucky!

Greetings all,
Well what was that like! What a fucking truly memorable weekend. I arrived
in London, Thursday about 3pm and had every intention of trying to make my
way over to venue that evening, but a combination of some excellent weed and
travelling, got me stuck where I was, but was cool to be able to have seen
set lists and heard various reports of the gig on the list, cheers for that
one and all.
Made my way to the Gathering in the Goldhawk on Friday night and first thing
I seen from the outside was every other person inside wore a  Malicious
garment, so knew I was in the right place. Was a strange feeling to walk
into a room full of people who's names I would have known, but not a clue
what they look like, but after a quick sit down it was obvious who was who
and I ventured forth to greet various people, it was really cool to meet all
of you people that I did meet and a pleasure to see you all, I did miss one
or two folks, sorry about that, but no doubt there'll be many more
Gatherings this year! Left there and smoked my way back up the road to the
Having got there and having a bag full of stuff I should not have been
carrying around, I escaped the search and went up to the Level I had ticket
for, to be honest I never had any intention of going on main floor having
long since learnt my lesson, I may be young of mind, but most certainly not
body! Years of abuse to system has put paid to that, and anyway on upper
levels I could do more damage (to my self! I say this as I seen one of them
morons throw a beer down on stage, but same eejit was none to happy when my
mate returned the favour ...hahaha). Anyways I had a smile on my face ear to
ear from then on, I ain't going song by song as my head still hurts a tad
and remembering things makes a throbbing noise so I am not trying to hard
...LOL As some of you may know from various polls, Pssyche is one of my all
time favourite masterpieces of genius, for any number of reasons at various
stages during my life that song has become part of the soundtrack to life
thing, and once again standing in a 4 floored, Victorian style music hall,
that song once again just blew me away! From then on needless to say I was
more than envious of anyone stood on main floor.
Main highlights, Pssyche, Pandys and Are you Receding?, Jaz with the
crucifix on a stick, Geordies hat! And Mister C's garfix (well done man!)
Lowlights, not a one.
Drumming well up to par, but BPF and Youth even being there for one tune
would have been nice, but no worries that it did not happen.
Got to chat to one or two Gatherers after the gig (Marc I think), but I was
still a little all over the shop to say anyhting much other than, FUCKING
Left there and I for one could have died happy, but decided against that and
life went on, ended up at an after show in The Garage in Islington, mate
Titchs band had been playing there (Mini Skirt Blues, he's ex Clingons),
some place in Plaistow then, nice late one, but was there we heard about the
Mick Jones gig for Saturday night, and seen as I was travelling with my mate
Gipo, who is a big Clash fan, we ended up there.
So needless to say one hell of a weekend and one I won't be forgetting for a
long time, that is once I remember half of it ...LOL I could go on and on,
and to be honest around some of the family I have, my 16 year old son
Christopher, now has it in his head to feckoff to London with his mates and
band, so keeping it shut for now ...LOL


Yoked, Toked, Coked and well and truly Joked up weekend!

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