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Apologies Cliff, I know that didn't come from you - my ramblings ran into &
tripped over each other.

On 1/3/05 7:43 pm, "cliff at killing-joke.com" wrote:

> I never said that,check the prague set list for tunings,Cheers,Cliff
> Cliffs accounts & geeky guitar insights from the last tour.
> The fact that raven tunes down to C for Asteroid.
> Quoting fatpotanga <fatpotanga at hotmail.com>:
>> What do people think about pooling our resources/knowledge to create the
>> ultimate KJ faq?
>> As Colsey says about the Gathering on MD links page ³ There's nothing you
>> can't find out here, just ask.²
>> Well, we seemed to have asked and answered almost every question imaginable
>> & between us there¹s very little we don¹t know/can¹t find out.
>> I was looking at the stunning Discography/lyric section on Bobs
>> Wintergardens site and thought Œwhat if you expanded it even further...?¹
>> Had a few chats with Joe Mo¹ last week about it. In his own words:
>>> ³It gives me something to do, besides wit and dwell on the shit eating me
>> from
>>> the inside. Also, since my doc wont let me work at my old job as a techie,
>> it
>>> makes me feel like I am still somewhat like a productive human being....
>> lets
>>> go for all the info we can..shoe size, birthday, kids, favorite color,
>>> childhood neighborhood, musical influences, all that shit. Things that
>> would
>>> make us look like odd ball stalkers.³
>> Though perhaps it¹d be prudent to omit phone numbers and the like..?
>> So, a detailed biog of each member then details  of every single track,
>> every album, demo, lyric - as people have already done but then expand it
>> further: SO36 is a club in Berlin(?) where they played and a postcode.
>> What the German translates to.
>> Where recorded when who by. Who made the tea.
>> meaning/inspiration/stories about each track.
>> Then key moments/events like Iceland and so on.
>> Individual stories, thoughts, amusing/not so amusing tales from
>> fans/friends; gigs & events such as the Porchester Hall Party or Neils Œfrom
>> the horses mouth¹ account of the liver & maggots incident.
>> Cliffs accounts & geeky guitar insights from the last tour. The fact that
>> raven tunes down to C for Asteroid etc etc ad infinitum yadda yadda blah
>> blah.
>> As it¹d be such a big task we¹re toying with having a specific email so
>> people can directly submit information: info at killing-joke.com - to then
>> build into a comprehensive knowledge base.
>> So whaddya think?
>> Good idea or a great big steaming pile o¹ shite?
>> J
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