[kj] deaf & bruised

Barbara Leat barb_leat at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Mar 1 14:16:40 EST 2005

Wasn't me Rob

I spent most of Thursday night protecting my daughter
from the bullies and some of Friday (we had a better
position for her by the front barrier, left side). 
Anyway, I wouldn't be so rude.  Still had a great time


Rob Martin said:

Maybe you were the girl who wanted to get in front of
me, saying "can I 
in front of you, that's my friend there".
I answered with "no, that's my son in front of me".
She then insisted - "no, you don't understand, that's
my mate".
I always find it incedible that people can justify
their reasons for 
in front of other people and not think of the other
people's reasons 
for not
wanting it to happen.

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