[kj] Sound a disgrace

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Tue Mar 1 13:33:08 EST 2005

Thursday nights sound was an absolute disgrace. Friday was a considerable 
improvement, but still not good enough. I never remember any 80's gigs 
having bad sound quality, but several 90's gigs did.

I found myself feeling quite resentful on Thursday that they could get it so 
wrong after all these years. One or two songs were unrecognisable to begin 
with. It's a shame because the band themselves seem to be on form and they 
seem to have unearthed a great drummer. He couldn't be blamed for not being 
able to tell where Geordie was in his riff for the beginning of Bloodsport. 
So much echo.

Jaz did that thing again where he sings the chorus of The Wait about a whole 
tone flat, but again that is down to poor sound quality. So many overtones 
from the bass bouncing around.

One more moan: Pandemonium too slow both nights.

Oh, and another: wish they wouldn't do truncated versions of songs - Pandys 
and Pandemonium need to go on longer.

Having said all this, I had a great time on Friday night and got my appetite 
back (which the Motley thing had almost helped destroy). Jaz's singing was 
good on the Friday night and better than 2003. The sound on the DVD may well 
be better than it was in the Empire, and I'd rather have Song and Dance and 
Pandys on that DVD than KJ2003 material, so the 2003 DVD fiasco may have 
been a blessing in disguise.

Roll on Cheltenham!


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