[kj] Worst KJ sound

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>Worst sound for me was at Manchester University on Pandemonium >tour

Speaking of bad sound, who remembers The Damage Manual at Cambridge

So loud it made me feel physically ill . . . 

(this was probably compounded by the fact the venue was almost empty)

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> I think the Apollo's an awful venue, but the old International 1 & 2 were
> great & the joke were always excellent there - apart from 1 gig during the
> legal fallouts following OTG with an exhausted and ill looking Jaz .
> Shame they are no more. 
> I first saw them at the Apollo on the BTATS tour in '86 and got to meet
> Jaz, BPF and Geordie - this is me aged 16 with jaz...
> <http://www.anirrationaldomain.net/images/jaz/jaz44.html-> and the sound
> was great.
> If it was '85 wasn't that the gig where that bloke got on stage and was
> dancing in front of jaz so he kicked him in the balls? I wasn't there but
> a mate was. Would've loved to have seen that.
> Worst sound for me was at Manchester University on Pandemonium tour
> On 1/3/05 3:35 pm, "Wittz" wrote:
> I think for me it would have to be Manchest Apolo around 85 (?). It was
> just one lound sort of buzzing noise. It wasnt until around 5 songs in
> before I recognised one.
> Best sound: Manchester International around 89
> Brian.
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