[kj] Constructive criticism...please play some different songs!

bernies at ntlworld.com bernies at ntlworld.com
Tue Mar 1 09:59:08 EST 2005

> i must have missed a few (jerry? you were there?).

Sure was Andy, though lurking like I do on this list! Actually I stood around with Colesy for a bit, couldn't see anyone I knew so did the chivalrous thing and took the Mrs to a kebab shop down the road, thus didn't make it to the aftershow.

Hope my previous post didn't sound too negative it's just, with obvious exceptions, I thought the set list was a bit unadventurous though it was a blast to hear the likes of Are You Receiving, Bloodsport and even Love like Blood was like greeting an old friend.

Meanwhile it was good to hear Sun Goes Down, Song & Dance, Darkness Before Dawn etc. but both those, and others, were the main staple of most gigs a few years back (as numerous bootlegs will evidence).

Are we not to criticise, P West?

Anyway, enough griping. Back to lurkdom...


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