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If those dillemas are true (which does not seem unreasonable) it still seems 
unfathomable that they would bite the hand the fed them (Mike Coles).  I see 
now reason why he could not have been aprt of the mix

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>When the new manager took over killing Joke,He was faced with a band in 
>turmoil.Disappointing album sales,Tour which just about made it too the 
>last date,limited income from merchandise etc.
>To address the situation the New manager had to turn this around,That was 
>new managers are there do in any business.
>He saw that killing Joke were nt pulling in any new punters,It was just the 
>same dwindling hard-core fanbase.The last album sold less than 100 000.If 
>KJ received $1per album sale,thats US$100 000,say 10 000 for Dave grohl,10 
>000 for the producer.That leaves $80 000,divide by four,$20 000 each.An 
>album every seven years,thats less than US$3000 income per annum.
>What to do?The band had to find a new audience,Had too make money from this 
>new audience.Step one.Stop other people selling KJ merchandise.Step 
>two,Find a new audience.Step Three,Sell this new market KJ products.And hey 
>Presto,Killing joke are solvent .
>Thus explaining the recent MD and Motley Crue decisions
>The question remains too be seen if they will change their music and image 
>to suit the new market or will they hope to be accepted as they are
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