[kj] Malamage Damicious

Alex Smith vassifer at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 22 14:46:18 EST 2004

Speaking of....i couldn't help noticing that the Malicious Damage site has been updated...WITH NEW STUFF.

The Zipper people won!

Alex in NYC

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  With an MD product I sit and look at the packaging with the label on. The
label is groovy and care has gone into it. I have found that I keep the
packaging as well! Well until she throws it out.

  You sad muppet!..                         ... oh no sorry I do that too.

  I shall get my original down from the archives and compare them at the
weekend, play spot the difference. We have joy

  Even sadder!! Come on get a li...            ...oh yeah, funny I did that
this morning. The inserts and all are exactly the same. I got the old and
the new muddled up and had to sniff out the fousty ones to re-sort them out.

  Must get out more.


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