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Mon May 31 07:47:34 EDT 2004

Well mate, I do live in Prague so I can answer any question (or most of the
Czecho is now in the EU so I guess all of you based in UK do not need even
passport to come (id card is enough) and you can stay as long as you wish.
Life in Prague is easy and cheap - the only exception is rents for flats but
even here you can find cheaper options or share flat with friends and so on.
in any case it is much much cheaper than e.g. London.
In general you find most - if not all - services you are used to in Western
As regards music and nightlife - I am not well informed in recent years and
everything is changing fast. but there is always enough clubs and gigs of
various types.
I doubt that there will be KJ heard in any club unless you visit KJ
direct... -)))  KJ are not very known in Czechia, Jaz Coleman however is due
to his role in the film Year of the Devil.
A lot of info on Prague can be found on the internet in English...

is a short name for Brew of Budejovice (in German Budweis). Budvar is now
for years in legal conflict with A-B over the name of the beer. A-B
Budweiser has nothing to do with Budvar except the name. But here is number
types of beer, some more popular than Budvar.
Beer here is a case for national pride.-)) So if you do not forget to
mention that Czech beer is the best in the world than every Czech would
think you are really cool.-))

I can try to answer any questions about Prague.

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