[kj]A question about Prague

Patrick Davies Patrick.Davies at subsea7.com
Fri May 28 08:56:27 EDT 2004

Went there over 10 years ago just when it turned into the Slovak
republic and the berlin wall had come down. Pre big macs

Yes its cheap and quite wonderful

Do catch the train through to Pils and Budvar if only to taste the beer.
Budvar of course sold its name to the yanks which they use to bottle up
that affront to lager. Pils is the original. Theres one place in Prague
that brews the only dark beer I saw and it serves the traditional
sausage etc. Well worth the experience.

The old eastern block trains were massive and we went through to
Budapest - worth the effort if your over there - although we strayed
into Bratislava which was strange. I know many chelsea ffriends who went
over there and didn't see the problems we had.
We took the train then to the mountains - tatras which was very nice.

Returning to Prague we found it was then the place that the hippy clique
had moved to having given up on amsterdam We stayed at some blokes house
and his parents came back from a trip early. They were happy to see
sterling and fed us well. His dad was a professor who had been
persecuted for his liberal views. An interesting occasion.

All the nightclubs were in old bunkers and you will/should find a
killing joke record played at some point!

Was going to take the other alf there this year but she opted for
Barcelona instead
Would love to return


--- "Deadjester" <rivethead at comcast.net> wrote:
Does anyone know much about Prague?  My roommate(and band member) just
offered a job there. His company said they'll direct deposit his pay to
account so he'll be better off pay wise(whatever that means).

Well, what I want to know is can you go to prague for long stay(at least
year) without getting a job there?  I get dividends directly deposited
my account every 3 months so I have income that can sustain me during my
stay. If anyone can give me some info I'd appreciate it.

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