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sade1 saulomar1 at yahoo.com
Thu May 27 19:07:19 EDT 2004

   nahhh..better yet, send jester. 
Besides, I think mr. rangecroft did it. =};~>

--- mike coles <mike at maliciousdamage.co.uk> wrote:
> Just received this:
> hi mike,
> i have only just found out where this originates from, this
> was not 
> intentional, a designer in new york did it, we made a 1000 as
> promos, 
> no more have been pressed, it wont get used further.
> we will use a original pic of "Centre Point" the record has
> nothing 
> to do with killing Joke
> Kind regards,
> randy schlanger
> I'll try and find out who the "designer in new york" is and
> send alex round.
> cheers,
> colesy
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I'm headed into the sun
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