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Thu May 27 10:26:02 EDT 2004

>From :  mike coles <mike at maliciousdamage.co.uk>
>To :  gathering at misera.net
>Subject :  [kj] red kult
>Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 14:10:45 +0000

>Just received this:
>hi mike,
>i have only just found out where this originates from, this was not 
>intentional, a designer in new york did it, we made a 1000 as promos, no 
>more have been pressed, it wont get used further.
>we will use a original pic of "Centre Point" the record has nothing to do 
>with killing Joke
>Kind regards,
>randy schlanger
>I'll try and find out who the "designer in new york" is and send alex 

Why? To try to talk them to death?

Nobody cares about your stupid artwork getting ripped off. Stop living in 
the past, it's sad to see. Pathetic. Pitiful, even. Put some new material 
out (and I don't just mean dodgy pub bands - Jaz Coleman never needed to 
stick no snooker ball up his anus to get people to like him). Most of your 
covers you just got out of old WW2 newspapers anyway, so they're hardly 
original. And the one everyone says is your best, "Empire Song", you didn't 
even do! If you can't handle a little malicious damage maybe you should 
change the name of your label to fluffykittenwithpinkribonsand 
shitthatdoesn'tlistentoanyone.con? Filthy lucre ain't nothing new, we all 
get cash from chaos for breakfast, mate.

Randy Schlong

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