[kj] Fw: [STORMCOCK] OFF: Eric Idle's FCC Song

Madani madani07 at fuse.net
Wed May 26 20:12:16 EDT 2004

Content is indeed highly unsuitable for the work place (and highly enjoyable
as a result)

For the non-Yanks among us, the FCC is the Federal Communications
Commission, a sort of nanny in terms of what should and shouldn't get on the
airwaves, and the EPA is the Environmental Protection Agency.

This is from the Roy Harper list.  Six degrees of separation connection to
KJ there, if anyone happens to recall.

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Subject: [STORMCOCK] OFF: Eric Idle's FCC Song

> Hi all
> I'm sure you'll all appreciate this:
> (this link goes directly to an mp3 track and may not be safe for work)
> http://www.pythonline.com/plugs/idle/FCCSong.mp3

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