[kj] chaos for supper

mike coles mike at maliciousdamage.co.uk
Mon May 24 12:39:12 EDT 2004

Due to a minor cock-up at the printers chaos for breakfast has been 
put back by one week.
New release date is 21.06.04.
I will be taking orders next week for delivery to your doorstep on or 
before they hit the shops.
Don't forget, if you buy direct there's more dosh for me & kj to share.
I've been asked not to sell it cheaper than the shop price [29 quid] 
but I'll include the postage, a couple of badges and 20% off the 
chaos t-shirt [when they're ready].
Full details will be in the malicious gossip email later this week.
Anyone on the list who's not an md customer but wants to receive the 
gossip let me know off-list.

Spoke to Captain Dirk today and he's on target for tomorrow.
See you all in the Nellie Dean.

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