Rob's Arse joker at Z6.com
Mon May 24 05:56:47 EDT 2004

Good day Gatherers

Looking forward to seeing some of you tomorrow.
Mr Raven was just on the phone and is looking foreward to meeting up in Nellie Deans before the kick off.

We are on stage at the god awful time of 8.30. Make sure you're there to give us some stick. The more the merrier. Just let them know that you are there to see us when you pay. Sorry that we can't put you all on the guest list, but we can promise to give you a free DIEMONKEYDIE DVD wot Mike made and some badges. (Guess we can even give these away if you get teh album vis the MD site).

That's about it. 

Really excited about tomorrow. I apologise if I am very quiet before we go on stage - I regularly kak myself before playing!



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