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RE;only were they all built around a similar time but that they all align to
certain constellations.

  Bloody ell,It's just dawned on me.The reason all the ancient temples align
to certain constellations is because ,They were all built to mirror the
stars.So if the stars were the blueprint for the design ,then obviously
there all going to look similar.
     As these ancient peoples could never have met,It proves the human
thought process is the same the world over.
  Apart the Aborigines,What did they build?Do you see ankor wats in
Oz,Pyramids in the outback?No They found a big rock and thought that will
do.You should nt walk over ayers rock because aborigines consider it to be
their peoples "brain".Imagine their inferiority complex when they first saw
mount Everest!!!!!!!

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> >changed position regularly, apart from one set of stars( Their name
> >me)
> It's the dog star
> Also the 3 main pyramids on the Giza plateau line up with the 3 stars of
> Orions belt, 2 big one smaller, slightly offset and 4 other sites, (who's
> name escapes me so let's call them Marion, Geoff, Phil and Lucy, no Sue)
> correspond to Orion's arma and legs. Also the milky way runs N to S with
> Orion off to the right a bit, and freakily the nile runs N to S (well it
> actually flows S to N) with the Giza Plateau off to the right a bit, by
> about the same amount. The Sphinx points to Leo.
> If you're interested in this stuff check out Heaven's Mirror by Graham
> Hancock and Santha Faiia.
> Or Fingerprints of the Gods By G H and Robert Buval (which I think
> mentioned a while back)
> Heavens mirror focusses on loads of ancient sites, such as Angkor Wat,
> Easter Island, Nazca Lines, Mayans, Olmecs yadda yadda and shows that not
> only were they all built around a similar time but that they all align to
> certain constellations.
> Well, like he says, it's a theory.....
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