[kj] You stamp and you cheat on people

Rob's Arse joker at Z6.com
Sun Jul 18 17:29:36 EDT 2004

I taped most of it and will try to get it on line in the week.

All the same stuff really. Nothing shocking

Yes, it was amusing when he said "who are headcount". He knows very well who we are. Maybe he needs a friendly "reminder" ;-)

It was all very vague. A bit like listening to a senile aunt really!

--- "peter.west410" <peter.west410 at ntlworld.com> wrote:
Four points I would like to make regarding the total rock interview:
     1.  Was it really necessary to say "Fuck" at every opportunity and
mention he must have a spliff.If I was a thirteen year old and he was
eighteen years old and it was 1981,I would have been mightily
impressed...........But not in 2004.Again, asking about the presenters sex
life.Oh how rebellious and Jaz gives the impression of being an
intellectual,Thats the type of behaviour I expect of Liam Gallagher.
     2.As Headcount were produced by Raven and are on MD,I would have
expected some praise from KJ,Not "Who".Jaz goes on about KJ being a big
family,but it works both ways you know,I expect Headcount need as much
positive publicity as they can get now their debut album has just been
      3.Jaz said he was playing a classical concert soon,But when asked
about tickets etc,He was very vague and said sorry its private and all sold
out.I think there is no concert,just someones imagination.I even doubt
Exorcism was ever recorded in the Pyramids at Giza.Has anyone ever seen any
evidence (Photos or video?).
       4.Why does Jaz always go on about" kicking the fuck" out of people
for one reason or another.Its just not you,And when was the last time he
gave someone a kicking.I would just like to say that violence is only for
people who have nt got the intelligence to sort their problems out any
otherway .
        5JFK for fucks sake,Everything to be said an written about JFK has
been done, that topic is so 1980 s...........move on.....I was expecting him
to start a debate on whether the ball actually crossed the line at Wembley
1966.........Move on ........Its  2004.
      And my Adam & Eve joke deserved a "Chaos for breakfast",I sent seven
E-mails and got nothing ,All Dub said was "Yes ",And he won one,If you re
feeling guilty Dub I ll sent you my address,And give a more deserving winner
his prize.

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