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Thu Apr 29 13:52:38 EDT 2004

Interesting point Bob - my answer is yes. Indeed, the 3 other tracks on
Unspeakable were submitted from my own first generation (off the radio)
tape - All Play Rebel & Blue Feather were broadcast down here in AM whereas
Eighties and New Culture were aired after 9pm which was then FM in the
London region.

None too partial to the Eighties version though - a bit too fast my liking.
Always preferred it slow & sexy like on the original broadcast on The Tube
(CH4). I will look into making it available for you completists out there,
unless anyone else has a ready made MP3 ...

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Ade - did you get the Radio Rock Show tracks from Joker Place?

Also, does anyone have the Eighties track from the 84 Kid Jenson show? I've
got the others but cannot find this one anywhere.



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