[kj] Ted part two

Paul Rangecroft killing_j0ke at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 27 05:29:42 EDT 2004

teds & tedwinas

this still doesn't mean it's the real big ted. until he says something that 
clearly indicates he has inside info i don't see why anybody should pay 
attention to these posts. we have it on good authority from several people 
close to the band that KJ is far from over and that should be enough for us 
all. it seems ted's contribution to the band has come to and end which is a 
shame because he was the best bongo player they've had since the original 
(atkins was technically good but his cuntishness negated it sadly) but no 
doubt there are reasons (which i'd like to know but it's none of my 

don't worry about me peter i'm just putting greyson's advice into practice 
and keeping schtum until i have something useful to say (ha! chortle etc). i 
was gonna kill myself but then i saw the astoria dvd cover and realised 
there's always someone worse off than yourself.

rob: the mp3s sound great even through shite library headphones - well done. 
fame, fortune, excess, rehab and ruin are surely just around the corner now!

perpetrator: keep going with MD, you're doing an oustanding job, sir. can't 
wait for breakfast - what's for lunch?

>From: "peter.west410" <peter.west410 at ntlworld.com>
>If anyone's interested,A reply from Ted.I was nt going to bother posting it
>until I saw who posted the previous post ,Parasikon.Remember him?
>       I'm getting a bit worried about Mr Rangecroft,His daily 1 30 pm 
>have stopped,I hope the Library hasn't burned down. :-|

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