[kj] KJ @ CND Rally, Trafalgar Sq, 1980

pr 001 gathering@misera.net
Tue, 27 May 2003 11:33:15 -0400

cool! very cool indeed. looks like quite a party.

now, can i make a plea? could all those who are dedicated to the cause of 
the mighty Joke that Kills please flock together and BUY ANTONI A DECENT 
SCANNER!! this man has a quite superb collection of rare early cuttings. but 
his scanner is not much better than the sort of digital camera you get free 
with 20 cola coupons. no offence to antoni intended but ain't it a shame cor 
blimey guvnr stone the crows bleedin' crippin' my old mans a dustman etc?

>From: "Antoni Adamiak" <antoni@clara.net>
>Just sifting through some old cuttings today, you might be interested in
>this photo froms Sounds. I might try clean it up a bit & re-post until 
>here goes :
>* http://home.clara.net/antoni/ *

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