[kj] A late End Of Year Poll

Chris Kilmister gathering@misera.net
Sun, 28 Dec 2003 20:24:08 +1300

Hi All. Thought I'd do this Poll for fun. I've been away for awhile so I've
hundreds of Emails to catch up with ( Especially Gathering ones )
Ok Here Goes:

1) Your Name: Krys Kilmister ( Yeah I am related to that asshole Lemmy of
Motorhead - No Shit)

2) Your Age: SO' 35

3) Are you married and have you any children?: Yes, My wife is from Ukraine
, No Kids yet.

4) I live here: Auckland , New Zealand

5) I've been a member of the Gathering since: 2001

6) What do you want for X-mas? : A couple of weeks holiday would be a great
start. I'm working thru Christmas. Blah!!!

7) Your biggest extravagance of the year? : About 3000 dollars worth of
Live New Order Gigs on various formats.

8) Your biggest hopes for 2004? : Get out of this brainless country for a

9) What was the last album you bought,why, and how is it?: New Order - Live
Tolworth Recreation Centre 1983. Because I love New Order Live. They have
alot of Character. It's a great gig.

10) Not including the new Killing Joke album, what were your top five
favorite releases of the year? : Who says the new Killing Joke Lp is on my
list!!  ( actually it is a really great album ) Ok.  The Cure - Triology,
Killing Joke - Unperverted Pantomine,
Janes Addiction - Strays, New Order - Finsbury Park.... that's the only new
stuff I bought. Well I gotta include Death and Ressurection. Thats 5.

11) What live bands have you seen recently. Did they rate?  Nope, Ain't
seen squat!! This is NZ. Queens Of The Stone Age are coming next month but
I'm low on Cash.

12) Worst music you heard all year: Any commercial radio Shit. Also any
soft cock rock and eminem type wigga music - hate that shit!!!!

13) If I find out that the person I'm talking to is a big fan of Robbie
Williams, I'd lose all interest in talking to them (note: your answer need
not be restricted to music)
 Also any brainless libearal CUNT that thinks Saddam Hussain should be spared.

14) Band(s) most in need of reforming/touring/releasing new material:
Come on New Order - Hurry and release your new Album and start Touring again!

15) Band(s) most in need of hanging it up and calling it a day: Well
Michael Jackson seems pretty fucked these days - or he soon will be -

16) Albums most in need of re-mastering and re-release deluxe stylee: Don't
really care.

17) Most overrated music of the year: Coldplay- Who gives a fuck man!!!

18) Most underrated music of the year: Any up and coming band that's better
than commercial bullshit on the radio

19) Next to Killing Joke, my top five favorite bands/artists are: New
Order, Front Line Assembly, The Cure , New Model Army , Wall Of Voodoo.

20) Express your views on Killing Joke's presence on the Internet: Really
good. Plenty of Info available, largely thanx to members in The Gathering.

22) Regarding the Joke, despite all the rumormongering, I'd really like the
following to happen: Tour New Zealand.......PLEASE

23) Did you get to see Killing Joke on this tour? If so, briefly explain
your reaction
 No - Jaz forgot his new country of inhabitance!! - Don't blame him!!

24) What would you have rather seen on the album cover, other than the red
Krusty Clown?
    A swastika??????

25) Favorite track on the new album: I like all of them ( Fence sitter )

26) Least favorite track on the new album: As above 

27) Were it up to you to have chosen the first single, it would have been:
House That Pain Built.

28) Have you managed to see "the Year of the Devil" as yet? Your thoughts?

29) Outside of Andy Gill, who would you like to see produce the next
Killing Joke record? With the result of the last album : status Quo.

30) Killing Joke track that best sums up the world today: That's fucking Easy
   THE BEAUTIFUL DEAD - most people are brainless cunts.

31) Have you bought anything from Malicious Damage yet? If not, WHAT THE
FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  Ahh do you have the Clock???

32) Goods you'd like to see made available on Mike Coles estimable site?

33) Following the 2004 Elections, I'd like to see this man in the White
House: All Politicians are cunts so it doesn't matter does it!!

34) Do you feel 'safer' now that Saddam Hussein has been apprehended? Nope.
There's plenty more fuckers like him on the planet.

35) Now that he's in custody, I would handle Saddam this way: Fuck, I knew
this question would be in this!!!!!  Well we should invite him to seek
asylum in good old liberal New Zealand. I'm sure our far left fucked up
socialist government would welcome the opportunity. No WAy!!! Kill the
fucker there is NO room for compassion. And fuck all you soft cock liberals
out there that sympathise with him you are supporting a tyrant and that
makes you guilty too!!!!!!

36) Where is Osama Bin Laden: Waiting for another opportunity to fuck
somebody else over

37) Have we seen the last of terrorism courtesy of Islamists on the
homefront (US/UK/EUR)?  Oh yes of course, the world is just wonderful and
Jesus is returning soon too!!

38) Do you feel prepared for another such instance? : It's pretty quiet in
New Zealand. Only the Maoris cause shit here.....however I am armed if
necessary ( not that it will do any good )

39) Do you think Iraq had anything to do with the events of September 11,
     It's hard to say. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors.

40) Where were you/what were you doing on that day? Auckland. Working.

41) Were you the next American president, your first act in office would
be: um yeah

42) Tony Blair is a: another fucking politician

43) They want replace Franklin Delano Roosevelt's face on the American Dime
with the face of Ronald Reagan. What is your reaction: How about Snoopy Dog
Doop, Well that's the fuckin trend these days isn't it

45) Under which American administration was the world/your own situation
better off: Bush's or Clinton's? Fuck the American Government. They are
just a lesser evil.