[kj] Jane's year end poll & a wee addition of my own

gathering@misera.net gathering@misera.net
Fri, 19 Dec 2003 21:18:54 GMT

So did my special friend.  He emailed me "My Eternal" cos he knows
I am related to half of Arkansas (home of Evanescence, insert yer
favourite inbreeding joke here).

Like I said, I thought they were interesting for a while.... kind of lost interest mostly due to ooverplay.

A thought:  I wonder how Lacuna Coil and Tapping The Vein (both more accomplished at songwriting and performance than Evanescence) feel about that newer band making it huge....  

But then, I always wondered how those crazy guys in Laibach felt about Rammstein coming out of virtually nowhere and riding a similar sound all the way to the bank....

who may not know from goth, but knows what he likes....