Djehuti111 gathering@misera.net
Fri, 19 Dec 2003 00:24:59 -0800 (PST)

> 1) Your Name: Aleph Kali
> 2) Your Age: 37 but I act like I'm 11.
> 3) Are you married and have you any children? No/No
> 4) I live here: San Francisco Ca.
> 5) I've been a member of the Gathering since: Since
the "pre Misera" era
> 6) What do you want for X-mas? To perform at RE~TG
> 7) Your biggest extravagance of the year? Whisky
> 8) Your biggest hopes for 2004? First European and
Japanese tours.
> 9) What was the last album you bought,why, and how
> is it?: 1919 The Complete Collection, cos Antoni
said it was good, and it is!
> 10) Not including the new Killing Joke album, what
> were your top five
> favorite releases of the year? The only releases
that I own from this year are Killing Joke (Not that
I'm mentioning it), F-Space "Preliminary Impact
Report" and The Extra Action Marching Band CD
> 11) What live bands have you seen recently. Did they
> rate? The Punk Rock Orchestra!
> 12) Worst music you heard all year: David Allen Coe
> 13) If I find out that the person I'm talking to is
> a big fan of ________, I
> lose all interest in talking to them (note: your
> answer need not be
> restricted to music) ism's
> 14) Band(s) most in need of
> reforming/touring/releasing new material: The Germs
> 15) Band(s) most in need of hanging it up and
> calling it a day: Black Flag on their "reunion" tour
using "pre recorded" Bass tracks!!!
> 16) Albums most in need of re-mastering and
> re-release deluxe stylee: The entire KJ back catalog
> 17) Most overrated music of the year: I don't get
out much...
> 18) Most underrated music of the year: F-Space
> 19) Next to Killing Joke, my top five favorite
> bands/artists are: Throbbing Gristle, Devo, The
Creatures, The Birthday Party, plus a whole lot
> 20) Express your views on Killing Joke's presence on
> the Internet: Jester's site is top notch!
> 22) Regarding the Joke, despite all the
> rumormongering, I'd really like the
> following to happen: The Symphonic Killing Joke
> 23) Did you get to see Killing Joke on this tour? If
> so, briefly explain
> your reaction: Yes in SF, The best that I've seen
them yet.
> 24) What would you have rather seen on the album
> cover, other than the red
> Krusty Clown? ANYTHING by Colesy!!!!
> 25) Favorite track on the new album: Asteroooooid!!!
> 26) Least favorite track on the new album:  You'll
never get to me
> 27) Were it up to you to have chosen the first
> single, it would have been: Blood on your Hands
> 28) Have you managed to see "the Year of the Devil"
> as yet? Your thoughts? Haven't seen it.
> 29) Outside of Andy Gill, who would you like to see
> produce the next Killing
> Joke record? Jimmy Page
> 30) Killing Joke track that best sums up the world
> today: Dregs
> 31) Have you bought anything from Malicious Damage
> yet? If not, WHAT THE
> 32) Goods you'd like to see made available on Mike
> Coles estimable site? Long Sleeve Tee's

 Massive SNIP!
> 45) Under which American administration was the
> world/your own situation
> better off: Bush's or Clinton's?
  You've got spunk on your hands! ;)
> ::::END::::

"The scene was wild and somewhat sinister. The
darkness, the palms, the mountainous background, the
silent lake below, the impenetrable canopy of space,
studded with secretive and significant stars, formed a
stupendous setting for the savage noise and blaze of
the ceremony."

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