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Oh no, not the lizards again ... I take we are all aware that Feb/Mar dates
now seem unlikely ? Dave Simpson says that the Astoria Sunday footage is
going to be touched up in the studio on account of some ropey playing on the

Went to see the Army at the Astoria the other night - who was supporting ?
Bloody hell, none other than ancient French punks Metal Urbain. It was at a
gig by The Birthday Party in 1982 at the Zig Zag club that I saw a young
Sisters Of Mercy and, on account of the drum machine, it was commented "this
lot sound a bit like Metal Urbain". I don't think too many in the NMA crowd
had any idea who they were and most people seemed bemused by the combination
of old school riffs and the trusty drum machine back beat - what with the
singing, it didn't sound a million miles away from The Young Gods.

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<<So why does the US support some muslim regimes (like the Saudis) and
not others, irregardless of their religious extremist views? It's all
about oil, Mister.

<<Its all about oil,oil that keeps our houses warm,oil that gets us
around,oil that keeps our economy going ,is nt that worth fighing for?

Lisa Says


I thought it was all about the ancient STARGATE in the middle east,
The birthplace of human civilisation, the mixing of the alien genes, and
the lizards.......
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